Web Design and Development

Showcasing some of the web-related pieces I’ve done. More may be available upon request as several were done for corporate Intranet use, rather than public Internet use.

Avogadro Online scoring system

After working with the Wisconsin Science Olympiads (WSO) for three years, and pioneering the first online scoring system for them in the history of the WSO, the system continues to grow and evolve into its own website. The 2006 version transitioned the WSO site to a PHP/SQL setup rather than CGI/Flat file databases. This site is the 3rd version of the web service, migrating to a fully independent PHP core, allowing different instances to be stamped out and customized, while all pointing to the same core files. This version is used for Wisconsin and Illinois state-level competitions, and has been used for national-level competitions in 2010 and 2011

Crescendo Clinical and Translational Research Exchange

A corporate site of Forte Research Systems, Inc., built and maintained by Brooks. Site design was done by an outside firm, but interactive applications running on this site were done by Brooks. This site is highly dynamic, and interacts with multiple data services to provide users with multiple ways to view their data.


A travel agency for fishermen, by fishermen, specializing in Canadian destinations. Brooks created the design for this site, and created the search mechanism.


Corporate website for Forte Research Systems, Inc. (formerly PercipEnz Technologies, Inc.) Brooks was hired as full-time webmaster for them in January of 2009 and maintains several websites for them. This is their public, corporate site, which integrates a WordPress blogging system to announce news events.


This community site for customers of Forte Research Systems, Inc.’s OnCore software runs on a Joomla! content management system, and Brooks continues to maintain that, including writing custom Joomla! extensions for it.

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