Freelance work

I am available for freelance creative work in various areas. If you are interested in hiring me, feel free to drop me an email at Even if you don’t have a project idea fully developed, drop me a line; I’d be glad to help you find what it is you want and make it a reality.

I accept multiple forms of payment (Credit card, Bitcoin/Ƀ, check, etc.) to make your life easier, and help you within your budget. Check the specific categories below for my general rates for various projects. I can provide quotes before starting, and usually ask for at least half payment upfront, with the remainder due upon completion. If you’d like to hire me as a retainer for a given length of time for several smaller projects, drop me a line and I’d be glad to discus it with you.

Zend Certified Engineer, PHP 5.3Websites

Whether it’s an Intranet, Internet, Deepnet, or other website, all sites require design and structure to function. If you’re looking to create the first website for yourself or your business, I can help you register a domain and get started with a simple site. If you’re looking for an advanced web application to fit your needs, I can design a dynamic site and application to suit your needs. My base rate for web work is $80/hr (or 0.2 Ƀ).

Web Design

Designing, editing, or layout out images for a site, as well as creating an overall “look” or “style” for the site. I use the Adobe Creative Suite for image work, and can provide high-resolution design files at the end of a project if desired.

  • Image creation
  • Image editing/minification
  • Vector/raster conversions
  • Logo creation
  • Wireframing
  • Site layout design
  • Site color choices
  • CSS styling

Web Development

Want a site with a little more interaction? Working with several web-based programming languages, I’ll help you find the right match for your project, and build it from the ground up for you.

Website CMS

You don’t need to be a hardcore developer to maintain a dynamic website; there are several popular content management systems (CMS) out there that can take the pain out of maintaining your website. I can help you set up, customize, and show you how to use any of these popular systems.

Film and Animation

Got an idea for the next big blockbuster? Or maybe a viral online video? If you’re looking for editing or visual effects, I’m your guy. For examples of past works, check out the Animation portfolio page. For animation, I usually start with a rate of $600 (or 1.5 Ƀ) per minute of animation, though the complexity of the piece can cause that to vary.


Have your raw footage and just need it put all together? No need to manage getting everything in one shot; let me give you a hand editing it together.

  • Editing raw footage into scenes
  • Audio voiceovers
  • Musical timing
  • Color correcting


If you can’t film it, don’t worry; you can fake it! From helping you plan your special effect shot to editing it together, I can help make that shot really dazzle!

  • 3D modeling virtual props/characters
  • Fully-animated virtual shots
  • Chromakeying (green screen removal)
  • Compositing virtual shots together